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We are so sure you will completely LOVE our membership that we are fully backing it with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee! That means if you are not happy with your TV Freeloader™ membership just let us know and we will pay 100% of your money back!
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Our whole registration system is automated, so no matter what time it is, or where you are in the world, you can register and gain instant access Once you have finished payment, you will be supplied with a unique username and password with which you can login and begin downloading TV straight away.
Does Unlimited Downloading really Mean Unlimited?
Yes, most certainly! There are NO per-download fees here at TV Freeloader™. Download as many TV episodes as you can handle with no restrictions or limits. This is our most prized feature of TV Freeloader™ and a reason we have so many members to this day.
Will I need to download and install any extra hardware or software?
Nope! As all our TV episodes are downloaded directly from our servers, all you have to do is click and download the episode, and then watch in your preferred media player. There is no software to download or hardware to install whatsoever.
Is this really Legal? Can I get caught or in trouble?
Yes our service is 100% legal, and no, you will not get into trouble. We have full distribution rights to let you download our TV Shows. You are free to download as many TV Shows as you want from our servers with peace of mind.

What happens after my membership is up? will i be rebilled?
No. There are no rebills or subscriptions. You will make a one time payment for your membership and when it comes to renewall you will have to pay again manually. You will not have to worry that you might be rebilled without your permission. That's just not TV Freeloader™, we want to keep things as honest as possible.
How easy is it to watch a TV Show on my mobile?
You have two options, the first is to download the episode straight from the TV Freeloader™ members area using your device with a Wi-Fi connection. Once downloaded you no longer need internet and catch watch the TV episodes wherever you want.
Or you can download the episode to your computer and use the device software (e.g. iTunes for iPod users) to transfer the episode over.
Is my mobile or computer compatible to download and watch on?
Our downloads can be accessed from ANY operating system, be it Linux, iOS, OSX, Windows, Android, you name it. So long as you have a Wi-Fi connection to download the episode your good to go. Once downloaded you no longer need internet and catch watch the TV episodes wherever you want.
Can I use my membership on more than one computer or device?
Yes! All memberships are for unlimited use. Once you have registered you will be supplied with your username and password. You can access the members area with these details from any device, computer, mobile, and download onto them. There are no limits to the amount of computers or devices you can download onto from a single membership plan.
How often is your index of TV Shows updated?
Our system updates with any new TV Show episodes every hour, so be sure to look out for the new arrivals!
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